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1/54 by jonathanw

I was watching the city pass by through the glass of the skytrain when a man began to flail his arms towards me.
Was it because I was tired, but i could not understand a single word he was hell-bent to yell at me.
The situation became more and more uncanny.
The maniac put his hands on my shoulders firmly.
He was still yelling, still in a language that I could not understand, but the anger on his face had been replaced by despair.
He was sobbing. Why does this crazed fool have to take it out on me ? The expression on his face changed one more time.
It was now a smiling, naïve face, almost childish.
Behind me, through the window, in the sky, he pointed something out to me.
But i dared not watch lest I turn my back to this sick mind.

2/54 by MorseMoose

Many thoughts flowed through my mind. All of a sudden, his hand left my shoulder and pain erupted in my left ear. Again and again he smacked my left ear.

I cried out asking him to stop but it continued until he began smacking my right ear. I continued crying out but nobody in the car stopped to help.

I put up my arms in an attempt to block, but he was too strong. The power behind his arms kept me from stopping him. I fell to the ground in a heap and waited for it to end.

It stopped. I don't know why or how but he stopped hitting me. I laid on the ground crying. He continued shouting in a language I didn't understand and I heard his footsteps continue down the skytrain car.

3/54 by JackRoyal

And yet this is nothing new.

For five years now, this man has haunted my every step. I forget at times he's my demon, no one else's. Where he came from, I can't say, lest another creature from elsewhere comes and bothers me.

I collect myself the best I can. If anyone cared, they didn't show it.

I hate them as much as I hate him. But I know as well as he does that we'd be lost without each other.

He's my crazed anchor in this world. Through every smack of the ear, every unintelligible shout, he's been there. More than Mom, more than Dad.

Perhaps, even, more than myself.

I look around, trying to see where the man might have gone. But I can never find him. I guess I sort of like it like that.

4/54 by swogie

I continue on my way to work as if nothing had happened. He typically appears every two weeks now, but he rarely appears during the day like this. As no one else can see him, I try not to let on that I'm as hurt as I am. I'd look completely mad, walking into a train car alone and walking out with a bleeding ear. This has been my curse as long as I can remember.

I've named him after the clearest thing he's ever shouted at me.


I've thought about ending it all, about offing myself and never having to deal with the people again, but one thought always scares me out of it-- the thought that I may be stuck forever in the great unending, only being able to look into his eyes and hear his screams.

No, I think I'd rather have to hide my bruised ear on the train.

As I approach my workplace, I reach into my pocket to silence my phone, but unexpectedly find a piece of paper against it. I pull it out to throw away what must have been a forgotten receipt, but instead find a piece of notebook paper with a hastily-scrawled message.

"I have one, too." It says, nothing more.

Not very specific, but I doubt they saw my tormentor. Why would they when no one has before? No, they probably saw my bleeding ear and assumed some medical issue. Even so, I can't stop myself from asking: What if?

What if there is another who can see what isn't there? Someone who is tormented by their own personal, invisible demon? If they do share my experience, what would that mean? Would our assailants team up against us? Why risk my ridicule by leaving the message?

6/54 by oscar


Deep below the world's surface lies a Construction. It is only identifiable as a Construction, however, because of its difference from the surrounding chaotic vortex. In all other respect it is horrifying.

If a human were to look upon it they might be able to make out a few architectural styles from history - Roman, Japanese, Egyptian, and even some Frank Lloyd Wright. However, they are frighteningly scraped out from the hellish, glowing red rock, as if they were built by the tormented souls of the damned.

This is the place where demons live.

Directly "above" it, as far as the space between dimensions can be measured, is the bustling city of Refactor. It is here where the story begins.

7/54 by Wumbo

Many stories have been told about Saint Peter and the pearly gates. Refractor is the opposite, the city which contains the gates of Hell. Refractor received its name from the gnarled onyx statues of famous demons that adorned the top of "The Gates" which refract light causing what lies below to become vibrant in color. If one were to look into this kaleidoscope of color they may wonder what indeed lies below Construction, where only the Builders and the damned have gone and never returned.

I looked at my watch, the only way to tell time for certain in the dreadful place,it was 9 PM, time to go home. You could never tell by looking outside since the sun never budged from the middle of the sky. I did what I always did before boarding the train once again I stared under the gates into Hell

8/54 by beastboy

The automatic doors closed behind me with a silenced thud. Glancing around, I spotted four or five people scattered in different seats aboard the train. Regulars, like me. They were all either plugged in with their headphones, or reading some newspaper.

I found a chair, and proceeded to continue where I left off before Abaddon showed up. The city was now only highlighted in the dark, with a few headlights passing by here or there.

My mind wandered back to the piece of paper. If someone else has this problem, why can't I see it myself? If only I knew who, who it was that slipped me this. I reached into my pocket, pulled the piece of paper out, and began to study it. The first thing that stuck out to me was that it was not a normal piece of paper.

9/54 by midirion

It didn't feel like paper. It looked like it but as I hold it in my hand it felt like a piece of glass. I must be getting crazy, I thought and I closed my eyes and crushed the note with my fist.
The pain I felt afterwards cannot be described, sharp edges cut through my palm and blood started to come out. I tried to keep a casual expression to not startle anyone on the train and I put my hand in my pocket.
I felt the blood filling my pocket and started to panic, soon after the train stops. It was not my station but I couldn't be inside the train anymore, I walked out as soon as I could.
When my feet touched the ground outside, the pain went away.I looked at my hand and it was like nothing happened. Confused but relieved I looked around to see where I was.

10/54 by peekaboo

It was one station before mine, and i didn't feel like waiting for another train. I turned around and looked to a park. A shortcut led through it to my street. Being so tired, I chose that option over the long road that pointlessly curved around the park. I started walking quickly on the sand path.
I was in the middle of the park when I put my hand in my pocket and catch the crumbled paper. I completely forgot about it. I take it out and spread it out. It had no blood on it. I stopped, thinking my eye caught different words. I bring my face closer.
"You are not alone." I lean my head back, almost startled. How is it possible that the message has changed?
This creeps me out. Does someone really knows about Abaddon? Does he haunt someone else? I hurry through an alley on my way home.

11/54 by libitina

I started to wrestle with the keys of the door to my house, and it swings open. I look inside, my eyes narrowing. It seems the same, but it's not got quite the same feeling to it. My hairs were standing on end as I poked one foot past the other, into my house.
As I begin to loosen up, my foot catches hold of a loose floorboard. I try to search my memory for when this happened, and when I find nothing I pry it open. And what I found there will remain in my memory for centuries.
It was the City, a bustling metropolis full of grotesque beings who looked liked laughable attempts at humans (or perhaps we are laughable attempts at them).
And there? There was the Other One, the woman I would soon come to know as Red.

12/54 by tylnee

This woman Had a sense of grace in the way she walked. Not like the other creatures, she was different. As I looked down at her she seemed to look up at me but the fleeting moment of our stare went and passed in seconds. My mind raced.Who is this woman that in some strange way I feel connected too, but can't quite understand why?
"Hi" I whisper without intentionally doing so. But no response, no answers, not even a look.
"They can't see you"
My mind jolts awake. Where did that voice come from?
"You hear me because I am here but don't see me because you don't want to." He whispers in his booming baritone voice. It seems to radiate from right behind me. I swing around but nothing's there but the way i came in.
I yell out,"What if I want to see you?"
"Then I will be shown to you."

13/54 by wcrolla

"Then show yourself!"

Suddenly, with a sound like a sudden gust of wind, a smiling face appeared right in front of me.

"Wh-Who are you?" I responded.
More calmly now, this man as he appeared to be, simply replied, "I'm Stuart."
"Stuart? You're someone who can be invisible and your name is Stuart?"
"Well, no, and this isn't my real form either. But it's easier for your brain to process this way."

He was right, already this was too much for me to take in. This day had quickly gone from strange to downright bizarre. And, considering I live in a city that contains the gates of hell, that's saying something.

14/54 by vincenzo

Stuart quickly realized that I was more enclined to cooperate with a female being, and turned into a gorgeous lady. She was however not entirely human, as I could foresee little tentacles coming directly out of her thighs.

Since my wife died more than two years ago, I soon felt a rush of electricity in my veins as my arousal grew.
"Would ravishing me make it easier for you to process the informations I am to transmit to you ?" asked Stuart, smiling.

We spent the entire afternoon making sweet love, and after a few hours, her cunt became the world. But she began to act weird, and as a strong smell of garlic started spreading in the room, she turned back into a male form and explained to me that such a smell was always secreted by members of her species post-coïtus.

15/54 by Isabella

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16/54 by Haereth

I just had sex with a person, or thing which could change its sex to either male or female whenever it wants. I am now unsure to address it as a him, her, or it.
I stared at him completely astonished.

"How do you know my name?"

He raised his eyebrow with suspicion.

"The fact that I know your name surprises you, but being invisible, having tentacles, and being able to change between male and female doesn't?"

I'm guessing he has a point...

"What did you mean when you wrote the note that I'm not alone"

"What?" says Stuart with confusion.

I take out the note that is in my pocket of my Jacket on the floor.
"This note."

"I didn't write that."

17/54 by Justin

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18/54 by Ariana

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19/54 by Mariah

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20/54 by Stephanie

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21/54 by Madeline

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22/54 by Joshua

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23/54 by john

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24/54 by Makayla

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25/54 by Anna

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26/54 by eblanned

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27/54 by Kaylee

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28/54 by dirtbill

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29/54 by Sara

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30/54 by Matthew

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31/54 by Emily

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32/54 by Kimberly

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33/54 by Valeria

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34/54 by Madison

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35/54 by Hannah

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36/54 by Morgan

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37/54 by Ava

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38/54 by Kaitlyn

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39/54 by Angel

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40/54 by Addison

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41/54 by Nicole

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42/54 by Isaac

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<a href=" http://oxfordartsociety.co.uk/about/ ">60 mg tamoxifen gyno</a> Pharmacies that choose to submit claims on paper forms must use the New York State eMedNY-000301 claim form.

To be continued...